Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ojukwu's Will- The Biafran Warlord

        The will of late Ikemba  Ojukwu of Nnewi has been disclosed. it  was witnessed by his wife mrs Bianca Ojukwu, Emeka junior(first son), Mike Ejemba. The will was presented by  Dennis Ekoh the chief registra of the Enugu state High court.
                        The listed children in the will were Tenny Haman, Chukwuemeka  Jnr,Mmegha,Okigbo,Chineme,Ebele,   Afam,Nwachukwu. From what  I heard one mr Sylvester ojukwu was excluded from the list of his children.oooh that wil be so disappointing.                                  
On the other hand mrs Ojukwu was astounded  as the name Tenny Haman didn’t sound familiar, adding that her late husband has never mention her name.

However mrs Ojukwu who is the Nigerian ambassador to spain got the majority of the share. She was given the following properties: Casabianca lodge at No. 7 Forest Crescent GRA Enugu, two plots of land in Nnewi, two properties at jabi and kuje in fct  including all his personal money.Moreover  He(ojukwu) appointed her as the exuctrix in the family company; Ojukwu transport limited. He added that if her  wife re-married,the land property should be taken from her. “funny”.

The first son Emeka jnr was given the family house at Nnewi, whereas the newbie Taman Haman, got the jubilee Hotel at Zaria, Kaduna state.Bianca said in a statement  that the she is satisfied with the will. Her words were “ it was a fair will.He did not disappoint us this time around”.
Is this will really genuine? *just curious*

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