Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Apple Unveils The Long Awaited iPhone 5s and entry-level 5c

The much anticipated iphone smartphone upgrade was unveiled yesterday. In a statement by Tim cook- company’s CEO  earlier this year,he made it known that owning to the large crowd of start-ups in the technology  market,” the company is going to replace the iphone 5, with not one, but two new designs” he said. This includes the dramatically improved hardware version (iphone 5s) and  the second colourful version (iphone 5c). "iPhone 5 was instantly the most-loved iPhone ever, and it had the most successful first year of any iPhone we've ever done,"  CEO Tim Cook said at launch
Iphone 5s

The iPhone 5s takes Apple to a level of luxury that it has not breached before, rendering obsolete its history of white and black iPhones and replacing them with high-grade aluminium that comes in silver, gold and space gray. The iphone 5s indeed provide a lot of dynamic specs to justify it’s higher price.  So to say, it features a new fancy pc-like 64-bit A7 processor/graphics chip, M7 "motion coprocessor" chip for analyzing accelerometer and other motion data. which Apple says is roughly a jillion times faster than the chip that powered the plain old iPhone 5. According to Apple, this will make gaming and graphics processing on the iPhone 5s much better and faster .

Stylishly clinch with 8megapixel rear camera which  features an f2.2 aperture and has a 15% larger light sensor than the iPhone 5. A new camera app takes multiple photos with every shutter press and chooses the best picture in terms of light levels, sharpness, and stabilization. A two-LED flash adjusts color and intensity, offering what Apple claims is more than 1,000 combinations. T he video setting captures HD streams at 720 pixels at 120 frames per second. Another addition to the camera is the ability to record videos in slow motion, you can also edit videos that have been recorded and slow down a certain part of the video. ”that’s creativity”

Radically speaking, the most innovative  feature of the iphone 5s is it’s swift fingerprint scanner,built right into the Home button. It has a sensor that read fingerprints with amazing elements and also supports multiple fingers ( theoretically, is possible to give your  friends grant to add their fingerprint to  unlock your device. The  Touch ID uses your fingerprint to gain access to your phone. It does this by reading the fingerprint at an incredibly detailed level using the Touch ID sensor. Touch ID scans sub-epidermal skin layers with 360 degrees of readability—meaning you can hold your finger in any orientation.

The iPhone 5S will retail at $199 for the 16GB version, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB on a two-year contract. Apple is also offering six leather cases for the iPhone 5s at $39 each. The iPhone 5S will be available September 13 for pre-orders and available in stores on September 20th in the United States, Canada, Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore and the United Kingdom. They will be available from the Apple Online Store, Apple’s retail stores, and through AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, as well as select Apple authorized resellers.

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