Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Apple To unveil iphone 5S Next year by June

Apple is getting set for its next generation iPhone, which has already been named by analysts as iPhone 5S. Apparently Apple will launch the iPhone 5S by next year June, a move to enter the market before the Samsung giant Galaxy S IV. Peter Misek who happens to be an analyst at Jefferies made this note yesterday morning.
More in his prediction note listed that the iPhone 5S will be coming in six different colors. Another report from commercial times also says that the bulk production of iPhone 5S will commence by the first quarter of 2013.
Misek went ahead to list the expected features on the iPhone 5S, he specified a Super HD camera/Screen, an improved battery, this time around, a support for NFC and the possibility of upgrading the Retina+ to IGZO screen. He chose 128GB for the storage, and predicted 6-8 color variations, presumably like the iPod Touch.
Looking back at history, the iPhone 4S, came out around the September/October time frame, and the iPhone 3G with its successor iPhone 4 released around June/July.

Misek did not disclose his reason for choosing the mid-year, but i  heard from Asymco’s Horace Dediu. His theory was that, Apple would like to speed up its cycle of release.
Apple’s sales significantly went down in the two quarters preceding the iPhone 5 launch. Consumers back off from market because they knew that the new product was coming. Apple is trying to avoid loading sales into one half of the year by speeding up the release of products as check measures.
As all sources release had been predicting this December for the trial production of the iPhone 5S. Some weeks ago, Etrade Supple posted the rear shell of the coming iPhone 5S is on its website. DigiTimes also confirmed that the next generation iPhone will be coming out around mid 2013.


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