Monday, 12 August 2013

How To Save A Picture On Instagram

I'm a big fan of instagram, that's because i love taking pictures. Initially when i started making use of instagram, i do ask myself what's the essence of watching pictures that i can't save. it was really annoying , then i figured out some tricks how one can easily save pictures on instagram. Read on...

There are two basic ways that i go about this:

method one: log on to this web address on your browser Best suits laptops, just right click and save...gbaam! that's it.

method two: visit, this website helps you export or transfer your personal instagram pictures or pictures from other users that you liked, to your computer hard drive or phone packed in a zip format. However if you are to run this website on another device that is not laptop, make sure your device can read dotzip files (.zip). I think most Android devices do. Enjoy

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